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Cliffe Vale Care Home is here to assist you with both long-term or respite solutions, providing excellent and professionally trained staff for live-in or live-out care.

Our aim as a team is to provide a safe, clean environment for the service users in our home. We realise that we are all guests in our service users’ homes. This home belongs to the service users who live here. Their privacy, dignity and choice are our main concern.

We aim for our service users to retain as much independence as humanly possible, by encouraging them, giving them time, and only as much assistance as they need to carry out everyday tasks.

Another of our important aims is to keep or re-establish contact with the community, i.e. outings to the shop, lunches, to church, and we ensure relatives and friends are made welcome in the home.

Whilst keeping formalities to a minimum, we aim to keep an individual care plan for each service user, with their input as much as possible. This care plan is reviewed monthly and in-between if required, and clients and relatives are encouraged to participate in annual reviews.

We also aim to keep service users as mentally and physically stimulated as possible, providing in-house activities and outings on a regular basis. We also have visiting entertainers and service users who are able, and wish to do so can help around the home. This is done via a monthly social activity plan that is displayed within the home.

With staff training of upmost importance, we aim to ensure that all staff are trained and are competent for the important job they do.

We also aim to ensure that our service users are on the correct medication, and this is reviewed regularly, over seen by the relevant doctor, and trained staff in the home. We have regular meetings with our local pharmacist who provides invaluable support and advice.


Good care is only as good as the carers who provide it!  

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